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Complex Litigation Center - Mass Tort Information

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The Complex Litigation Center was the first courthouse in the United States designed exclusively for complex, multi-filed Mass Tort cases when it opened in 1992. Since February, 2002 it has been located in Room 622 City Hall. The Honorable Arnold L. New is The Coordinating Judge of the Center. He is assisted by Stanley Thompson, Esquire, Director.

Complex Litigation Center
Room 622 City Hall
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Telephone: (215) 686-5100
Fax: (215) 686-5137

Practice and Procedures

Mass Tort Programs

A Mass Tort action is commenced in the same manner as other civil actions. When filing an action, the Mass Tort program case type, i.e., Asbestos, Trasylol, etc., must be selected from the Electronic Filing System (EFS) drop-down box to ensure proper program assignment.

In every Mass Tort program, there are regular monthly or bi-monthly meetings of counsel, the Coordinating Judge, and the Director. These meetings are mandatory and are designed to encourage participation by the Bar in creating case management procedures tailored to each program. Meeting agendas must be submitted to the Coordinating Judge at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.


Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Judicial Administration Docket no. 477 in re: Public access policy of the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania: case records of the Appellate and Trial Courts

For Specific Mass Tort Program Information please select from the following:

Anti-Convulsant Drugs
Artelon Spacer Implant
Denture Adhesive Cream
Firefighters' Hearing Loss
Hormone Replacement Therapy
Mylan Fentanyl Patch Litigation
Nursing Home Litigation
Option Vena Cava Filter
Pelvic Mesh Litigation Program
Yaz Yasmin Ocella

Mass Tort Reports

Mass Tort Master Docket and Liaison Counsel List

Liaison Counsel are selected by the Bar and approved by the Coordinating Judge for each program. The Coordinating Judge may also appoint a program Discovery Master, if necessary. Please see the Master Docket and Liaison Counsel List (Link Below), which includes any appointed program Discovery Masters.

Case Management Orders

Case Management Orders are entered in every Mass Tort Program. These Orders are created cooperatively by the Coordinating Judge and counsel. Case Management Orders establish when and how actions may be filed, motion and discovery procedures and deadlines, and trial schedules. Copies of program Case Management Orders may be obtained from Liaison Counsel. Any questions should be directed to the Director of the Complex Litigation Center, Stanley Thompson, Esquire.

Standardized Procedures

Standardized procedures have been created for all Mass Tort programs as a result of Bench/Bar collaboration and cooperation with respect to pleadings, discovery, motions, depositions and document depositories. Questions regarding standardized procedures may be directed to liaison counsel in each program and/or Stanley Thompson, Esquire, Director, 215-686-5100.


All Mass Tort motions, except case-specific Motion In Limine, are assigned to the Coordinating Judge for disposition. Case-specific Motions In Limine are assigned to the trial judge for disposition. The Coordinating Judge may designate any motion a "global motion" to be applied to all cases in a particular Mass Tort program. Global Orders are placed on the master docket for the affected program.

Pro Hac Vice Motions must be filed for each attorney seeking Pro Hac Vice admission in Pennsylvania. These motions must be filed in each case in which that attorney seeks special admission. Pennsylvania Bar Admission Rule 301 governs Pro Hac Vice admissions.

* Important Notice Regarding Business License and Business Privilege Taxes

Counsel seeking Pro Hac Vice admission may be required to obtain a business privilege license and may also be subject to applicable local business privilege taxes based on both gross receipts and net income. Failure to comply with any requisite licensing or failure to fulfill any tax return filing/tax payment obligation may result in the denial of Pro Hac Vice admission.

See the link to the Department of Revenue below, and consult your tax professional. External site

Mass Tort Trial List

Mass Tort cases with a trial date are published in The Legal Intelligencer for a four-week period prior to trial under the above heading.


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