Pretrial Service Division - Warrant Unit

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The Warrant Unit is responsible for enforcement of all adult criminal bench warrants and adult probation and parole violation warrants for the First Judicial District. The Unit is also responsible for the enforcement of all Traffic Court warrants and Domestic Relations warrants related to Child Support and Custody. The Unit is comprised of seventy one (71) armed personnel and approximately twenty full and part time Administrative staff. The Unit operates twenty four hours a day, seven days a week including weekends and holidays; this includes both administrative staff in the office and investigative personnel performing fugitive investigations for the arrest of individuals wanted on bench warrants and Adult Probation and Parole violation warrants. The Administrative Staff processes correspondence from Law Enforcement Agencies and Departments throughout the Commonwealth, as part of the Commonwealth Law Enforcement Assistance Network (CLEAN) in order to confirm the validity of criminal bench warrants and probation violation warrants for individuals detained in those jurisdictions. Warrants are lodged for defendants who are being held on new charges and are being remanded to the County Prison or inmates who are already incarcerated or Warrant Unit investigative personnel are dispatched to accept custody of fugitives wanted on FJD warrants who are not being held on any other criminal charges. The Warrant Unit has a major role in the FJD House Arrest program, starting with the home investigation prior to installation, to the transport from the prison to the residence for installation, to the actual installation and maintenance of the Electronic Monitoring equipment. Any violations of House Arrest are reported to the Unit and arrest procedures are initiated. The Warrant Unit maintains an office at the The Juanita Kidd Stout Center for Criminal Justice, manned by investigators and Administrative staff, to facilitate individuals who surrender on criminal bench warrants in order to safely get the warrant lifted, establish a new court date and, in most instances, avoid arrest.

The Warrant Unit has established excellent working relationships with the Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement Community and has participated in a number of cooperative initiatives. The United States Marshal Service conducted sweeps for known fugitives as part of Operation Falcon I and II and Warrant Unit investigators played a key role in the operation. The Federal Bureau of Investigations has developed a mapping program, Pinpoint; utilizing Police and Warrant Unit data in order to identify fugitives wanted in the vicinity of known FBI informants. The Warrant Unit was a major participant in the U.S. Marshal's Fugitive Safe Surrender program and the subsequent fugitive sweeps in the 1st and 17th Districts. Unit members continue to participate in the FBI Violent Offenders Task Force and the U.S. Marshal's Fugitive Task Force. Additionally the unit was a participant with the Philadelphia Police Department and Operation Pressure Point.

The ultimate mission of the Warrant Unit is to reduce the warrant inventory and to maintain the integrity of the Judicial Process. The Unit continues to participate in the Law Enforcement Network which creates a cooperative effort to locate and apprehend fugitives. The internet and other computer technology have provided new techniques which we are just beginning to utilize. The Warrant Unit has created an efficient and effective way to accomplish enforcement which, in essence, has created a "one stop shop" for warrant service.

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