Record Reproduction Center

The Record Reproduction Center provides varied services to the Court Reporter Administration as well as all other divisions of the FJD court system. As it relates to Court Reporter Administration, the Center's primary function is to ensure the efficient reproduction of all transcripts produced by court reporters and digital recording transcribers. The Record Reproduction Center also prints notes of testimony for court-appointed counsel and other private parties who do not have access to the CRS system.

To Order a Transcript of a Proceeding:

Mail or fax a completed Transcript Order Form requesting the notes of testimony to the Official Court Reporter, 215-683-8005. Include on the form the exact date of the hearing, the name of the presiding judge, the name of the case and/or defendant's name, and your phone number. We cannot assist you without the above information.

The Official Court Reporter will respond by phone or fax, giving you the information on any deposit that may be required, and will also give you an estimated date of completion. The reporter or a Copy Center employee will call when the transcript has been submitted for archiving and/or printing. You may pick up the transcript at our Copy Center when ready.

Click here to download the Transcript Order Form

If you are a defendant requesting a Transcript, do not use the link to the Transcript Order Form until you read and follow the instructions below. We will be happy to assist you, providing you follow the procedures attached.

Please be advised, however, that if you already have an attorney, if you are presently represented by private counsel, or have a public defender as your attorney now, you must contact them BEFORE ordering a transcript through our office. Otherwise, you will have to pay for the transcript.