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Public Access Policy

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ELECTRONIC CASE RECORDS (Criminal: Court of Common Pleas and Municipal Court)

Electronic Information available to the public pursuant to the Unified Judicial System Electronic Case Record Public Access Policy may be accessed or requested as provided in the links below.


The Right to Know Law, generally, does not apply to the Court System (referenced in the Right to Know Law as "Judicial Agencies" and also known as "Unified Judicial System"). The Right to Know Law only applies to Judicial Agencies to the extent provided in Pennsylvania Rule of Judicial Administration No. 509 - which deals with Financial Records. See detailed information below.

Financial Records

Rule 509 of the Pennsylvania Rules of Judicial Administration was amended by the Supreme Court, effective January 1, 2009, to facilitate public access to financial records of the Unified Judicial System, and establishes a systematic process for requesting and accessing the applicable financial records of a court.

As a general rule, financial records of the Unified Judicial System are presumed to be open to any member of the public for inspection or copying during established business hours. Exceptions are listed in Rule 509 (B). Certain records may be requested from the UJS and others from the First Judicial District of Pennsylvania ("FJD" or Philadelphia Courts). See below forms.

The term "financial records" is defined as any account, contract, invoice or equivalent dealing with: 1) the receipt or disbursement of funds appropriated to the system; or 2) acquisition, use or disposal of services, supplies, materials, equipment or property secured through funds appropriated to the system.

Detailed information related to the Rule 509 Process can be found via the links below.

This Web site provides public access to search, view and print Unified Judicial System (UJS) contracts and purchase orders. The Web site displays summary information on purchase orders and contracts of $5000 or more that were executed on or after July 1, 2008.

Denials of requests for access must be appealed as provided in Rule 509(c)(5): in writing, within 15 business days of the date of the written response by the records manager.

(Completed Request Form must be attached to email)

Fee Schedule
Photocopying: 11+ pages - $0.15/Page
Retrieval/Redaction: $7.00/15 Minutes
CD: $5.00 Each
Postage: Actual Cost

The FJD may levy additional fees as necessary to cover costs incurred in fulfilling specific information requests. Pre-payment will be required if expected compliance costs exceed $100.


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